At home where others cannot go.

Welcome to one of the first Switzerland companies
that digitalized their shares and
welcome to one of the first Switzerland
trading companies that digitalized their assets.

Our pointers:

_ CHF in equity

At home where others cannot go.

Our pointers:

_ CHF in equity

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Our partners

TH MINING AG trades worldwide.

Our Partners have a strong and long tradition of mining, a proven track
record of mine development, reserve replacement, and production costs.

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Strength and experience
over the years

We have been contributing to the development of production,
industry, and the economy around the world.

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Through space and time

TH MINING AG has access to Europe's largest producer of diatomite, bentonite, quartzite, lead, and zinc. Our access to the milling center ensures further trade of raw materials to our client's preferred final products.

Deep modernization of production

At TH MINING AG, we prioritize first-class assets by controlling existing assets to increase efficiency and creation of new environmental and safe storage capacities

Highly qualified specialists

Highly qualified international experts with local and international experience ensure sufficient raw material supply.

Sustainable development

Our approach allows us to be a reliable partner for our worldwide buyers and to ensure sustainable growth and long-term development of the company.

Курс продаж цветных металлов
по данным LME на 2023-12-12
Алюминий 2117 -17
Медь 8341 -107.5
Свинец 2057 31.5
Никель 16607 -199
Олово 24359 -208
Цинк 2407 7.5