TH MINING Signed a Letter of Intent With Polygon

TH MINING AG, a leading mining company specializing in the extraction of precious metals, is announcing the signed letter of intent with Polygon, a top-tier blockchain technology provider that specializes in developing scalable and interoperable blockchain solutions. With a focus on providing the infrastructure for the decentralized web, Polygon is at the forefront of the blockchain revolution. The letter of intent outlines a strategic partnership between the two companies that will leverage their respective expertise to drive innovation and growth.

Under the terms of the agreement, TH MINING AG will work with Polygon to explore the use of blockchain technology in its operations. Specifically, the companies will focus on developing a blockchain-based solution for precious metals, from extraction to refining and beyond. This will allow TH MINING AG to ensure that its products are ethically sourced and responsibly produced, meeting the growing demand for sustainable mining practices.

Polygon, for its part, is eager to work with TH MINING AG to explore the possibilities of blockchain technology in the mining industry since blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the mining industry, and we believe that together we can create a solution that benefits both the industry and the wider community.

The partnership between TH MINING AG and Polygon is expected to be a long-term strategic collaboration, with the companies working closely together to develop and implement new blockchain-based solutions for the mining industry.

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