At TH MINING AG, we firmly believe that digitalization is the key. Our digitalized strategy enables us to develop mining asset tokens and brings us one step closer to becoming the Uber of the digitally supported mining industry. As we always strive for the best, we only work with the world’s leaders in digitalization, tokenization, and market-making investments.

Our personnel, who collectively ensure our continued success, is of the highest value to us, which is why we provide them with needed support, tools, and equipment to ensure their success. By conducting ongoing assessments and training and providing them with knowledge, we help our personnel grow in their careers, as well as facilitate the evolution of their potential and success.

We believe the investment in our personnel is not only necessary for them to further develop their potential but also crucial for the company’s continued growth and success in the future.

As mutual success is so important to us, we expect only the best from our employees and we lead by example. Therefore, everyone is expected to conduct themselves professionally and respectfully and always act with integrity. Thus, everyone contributes to both individual success and that of the company.