TH MINING AG is a Switzerland-based company engaged in trading nonmetallic mineral products that affect many lives and are essential for modern living. The company works as a distributor for the European market of seeds minerals.

TH MINING AG provides environmentally friendly materials, such as Diatomite and Bentonite, that can be found throughout the world in a vast number of industries, including:

Agriculture – Diatomite and Bentonite benefit agriculture through soil enhancement, natural pest control, erosion prevention, and diverse applications, ensuring sustainable practices;

Water filtration – Diatomite and Bentonite serve water filtration with their absorptive properties, clarifying abilities, and effective removal of impurities, ensuring cleaner water;

Pharmaceuticals – industrial protective creams, anti-irritants for eczema, baby and face powders, face creams, and antidote for heavy metal poisoning; 

Manufacture of pelleted feed for livestock where Bentonite functions as a binder and acts as a carrier for vitamins, minerals, antibiotics, and other additives; 

Filtering – widely used in the production of specific juices, as well as in the production of beer and wine; 

Construction – decorative stone, countertops, flooring, stairsteps, and roof tiles.