Digitalization of Diatomite for Water Filtration and Activating Fertilizers - Buy and Trade on Exchange

If digital transformation is opening the door to new business revenues and opportunities, then tokenization is offering the key to unlocking it. The process of dividing and turning traditional assets into so-called digital tokens that can be staked on blockchain helps make investing more accessible to a wider population and thus creates more transparency as well as liquidity on the market.

Moreover, with the arrival of tokenization, even the areas that one in the past couldn't even imagine investing in are now opening up, for example, the mining industry.

And at TH MINING AG, we're very proud to be able to be a part of the future and to become one of the first companies in the history of the mining industry that's turning digital by offering a unique possibility of purchasing its very own real-world assets – the so-called TH Diatomite token (DIA).

TH MINING AG will, therefore, be offering you, in the short future, a diatomite asset-backed token (DIA), which is not a financial instrument, and bridge the gap between digital and physical assets. By transforming a physical asset – diatomite as a mineral – into a digital one – diatomite token commodity - investments previously only reserved for a handful of investors are no longer seen as a privilege but rather allow for a wider scope of eligible institutional investors due to pared-down minimum investment amounts. Act now, invest smartly, diversify your investment token portfolio, and become one of the first token owners in the mining industry. The token will represent one tone of individualized diatomite in a big pack.

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